Tokyo Photography Exhibit, Can't make it? Check it out Virtually!

I am SO excited to announce that my COVID 19 postponed photography exhibit 'Travels with Light and Shadows' officially opened today! The show will be held all weekend (6.19-6.21) at the Design Festa Gallery( so if you are in the Tokyo area, be sure to stop by!

Here is a little sneak peak.

Not in the area? Or in Japan but still limited by COVID restrictions? I got you! I have placed all of the images online in an interactive gallery! Pease check it out at:

Love what you see? You have the chance to purchase the image prints! Just click the top right of the screen while you are looking at the image you love! I will personally package and mail you the photo print right off the wall to your door. (I might even hand deliver if you live close by)

I am so excited to have the chance to be featured this way, and it's such a nice way to end my time here in Tokyo before I head on to new adventures. And I cannot even begin to express my appreciation for all of the support I have had in my photographic career while here. Special shout out to Mark Allen for putting me on the spot my very first week here in Tokyo and convincing me to start teaching classes and always being supportive when I walk into your office with another crazy idea. To Nikki Jackson to being the best friend and travel companion a photographer could ask for, I honestly wouldn't be here without you, thanks for sharing a brain with me. To Sage for being my model and assistant without much complaint even as I wrap you in trash bags or throw fire at you to 'get the shot.' Someday you will look back on these times and explain them in detail to your therapist I am sure. And lastly my ever tolerant husband, Taylor, without who I would probably have lost at least one limb or be in jail somewhere. Thank you for always being my rock and letting me live out my crazy dreams one image at a time.

Thank you again everyone for the continued support over all these years!