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Feature with Photographers without Borders

What a wonderful email to wake up to this morning! I am so very honored to be featured in Photographers Without Borders online magazine. And had a lovely time being interviewed by the amazing Daniella Mallarino. I have had the pleasure of working with PWB a few times over the years, including the opportunity to learn from the amazing CEO Danielle Da Silva. I have hopes to go on assignment with PWB once the COVID-19 travel restrictions have lifted and I am able to once again travel outside of Japan. As some of you know, my daughter Sage and I have been working on a COVID-19 inspired photo project while under restriction here in Japan, and PWB contacted me in conjunction with their Storytelling for Change online series. (Join me online on June 23rd as I speak with Danielle about storytelling through photography and education, more information on the PWB website ) This is a fantastic organization, please take the time to become a member and support the work they do if you can. You can also follow them on Instagram at:

Please click the photo below to read the full interview.


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