Cari Payer

Cari Payer is an Editorial Travel Photographer and Creative Educator currently in the process of moving from Tokyo to Kansas! 
Originally from rural Alaska, she has traveled and worked in both Asia and Europe for most of her adult life. After working for multiple publications and non-profits across Asia for the last 3 years. Cari is now embracing this new adventure into middle America. 

When not on assignment Cari loves teaching photography workshops with a focus on empowering stay at home spouses and small home business owners in her community to be able to use photography more effectively in their lives.


Stepping out from behind the camera, Cari enjoys spending time with her ever tolerant family.

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Her work has been seen in multiple magazines as well as the following galleries

Berlin Blue Gallery Berlin, Germany

Brooklyn Art Library Brooklyn, NY, USA

Design Festa Gallery Tokyo, Japan

Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

Member of https://www.photographerswithoutborders.org/

Email: contact@caripayerphotography.com

Social:  https://www.instagram.com/caripayer/


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